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Hello,welcome to my tumblr blog. I'm the owner of this site. Please be nice here. No harshwords. Im the big fans of korean pop boys group. Yeah. Hate me just because Im kpoppers? Hahaha hey! No one care about it and you can get lost from my site. We have our own idols and just mind your own business fucking haters!
People I love. Muhammad Danial Haikal. He's my bae. I love him so much. He's mine. Xiao Luhan. He's my husband. V @ Taehyung. My scandal. Joy & I rene my step-sisters. Tiffany my beloved sister. Danial is my body. EXO is my heart. BTS is my soul. Red Velvet is my ears. SNSD is my eyes.

Applause to.
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Have a bat-tastic weekend!
Hello. Im back. Hurmm school holiday begin because of Deepavali festival. And November then I've back to school because of important exam, SPM. Okay its creepy now. I can feel the aura. Hehehe. Im ready to face the exam. I've try my best to get an more A-, A, A+ on exam. But.. When trial exam, I don't get any A :( I just got so many B and C and D and E. omg. G also. But now I want do my best actually for Science and Maths. Heheh~ Actually Im thanks to my bae cuz he have teach me maths subject and now I can do it. Hahah you can see betapa lembab nya aku dulu. Hahaha. Okay. Tersedar dari tidur yang tak berapa lama and update blog malam2 buta macam ni. What a wonderful night. Sejuk je. Nak study but not in mood. Mood sekarang masih nak menghadap laptop. Hahaha. Sedar lah Anys sedar lah nak SPM ni! Hmm actually aku rindu OT12. EXO :'( Exo sekarang dah berubah. they totally different and hmm tak ada semangat dah nak spazzing about them. Haaa so sad :( Aku ni dah la peminat tegar si Luhan. Yknow how sad am I when now about Luhan nak keluar EXO? :'( Menangis gila macam dia tu suami aku. Yes. He is my husband! My ritual husband! Haa :'( Jagiya. Pls come back to me T^T