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Hello,welcome to my tumblr blog. I'm the owner of this site. Please be nice here. No harshwords. Im the big fans of korean pop boys group. Yeah. Hate me just because Im kpoppers? Hahaha hey! No one care about it and you can get lost from my site. We have our own idols and just mind your own business fucking haters!
People I love. Muhammad Danial Haikal. He's my bae. I love him so much. He's mine. Xiao Luhan. He's my husband. V @ Taehyung. My scandal. Joy & I rene my step-sisters. Tiffany my beloved sister. Danial is my body. EXO is my heart. BTS is my soul. Red Velvet is my ears. SNSD is my eyes.

Applause to.
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Gloriously | via Tumblr
Hello... Hmm long time didn't update this blog and sorry because im too busy with the important exam soon. I just feel sad for the news about Luhan leave EXO. As all of you know, Luhan is my very handsome husband and he's mine. Im too love him. But why he do this? I can't believe Luhan leave EXO and can't believe EXO-M lost 2 people instead. First, was Kris and now Luhan. Omg im so sad. Im crying over and over till my eyes got like a panda. 11 October was my school graduation day. Im not-so feeling happy on that day because of Luhan. I met Lya and we hugged each other and feel like want to cry again at the hotel. Me and Lya have a same bias. But she more to Kris. And I think she bias for LuKris. I look at her eyes got eyebags. An obviously eyebag. She cried a lot. Even me too. Idk what will happen if Luhan not in thier music video comeback. Kris too. Hmmm I can't bilieve this happen to EXO. Idk why this year so fucking hurts. Its too many case happen this year. First, EunB and Rise died. Park Bom with the drugs scandal. Jessica leave SNSD. Kris leave EXO. Luhan leave EXO. Next then what??? Ahh I can't!!!!!!