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Hello,welcome to my tumblr blog. I'm the owner of this site. Please be nice here. No harshwords. Im the big fans of korean pop boys group. Yeah. Hate me just because Im kpoppers? Hahaha hey! No one care about it and you can get lost from my site. We have our own idols and just mind your own business fucking haters!
People I love. Muhammad Danial Haikal. He's my bae. I love him so much. He's mine. Xiao Luhan. He's my husband. V @ Taehyung. My scandal. Joy & I rene my step-sisters. Tiffany my beloved sister. Danial is my body. EXO is my heart. BTS is my soul. Red Velvet is my ears. SNSD is my eyes.

Applause to.
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Hello again. Ermm I dono what to do this school holiday. So bored and I filled it up with sleep, eat, fangirling in front laptop, chatting with beloved, watching Korean drama non stop, got crazy with EXO, bla bla bla and I've keep do it everyday. Arghhhhhhhhhhhh! This year school holiday so BORED! I repeat. ITS BORED! THere no vacation or trip or somewhere else interesting. Darn. Im bored now. I think I wanna do a something that I feel like "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ITS SO COOL!" but how............................ emmmm I don't have any idea right now. By the way this year is my last year at school. Gagagaga~! I can;t bliv that I will leave school so fast. Goodbye school. Kahkahhhhkahhhhhhh~!