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12 Caring Oppa(s)

Exo <3
Me : Im so sleepy :'( Why oppa(s) waking me up so early huh? *yawning* hmmmmm.. *walking out from bedroom* Hmmm what these 12 handsome oppa(s) doing right now huh??? 
Kris oppa : Yaa hyung! Don't you ever put that chicken into my foods!! 
Lay oppa : Hey Kris. Relax. It's chicken, not an evil chciken. 
Kris oppa : Arghhh I don't want!!!! I hate it! *screaming*
Luhan oppa : *enjoying his breakfast*
Me : *walking pass by them* what all of you doing??? We're breakfast chicken this early morning??
Suho oppa : Yes. This is all Lay oppa idea. You just eat the chicken and please don't be like Kris oppa. Huh. He's too fussy. Ei.! If I have chance to slap him, I will do it.
Kai oppa : Before you enjoy your breakfast, you must wash your face and brush your teeth first please. 
Me : Okay Kai oppa.. *walking to the bathroom* Hey. Who's in the bathroom? *knock the door*
Xiumin : Hey it's Xiumin oppa. Wait for a minute.
Me : Please quickly oppa. Im hungry. 
Xiumin : Okay~ Wait. *walking out* *smile* ohh you so cute this morning *stroking my head*

A few laters...
Baekhyun oppa : Chanyeol hyung...! 
Chanyeol oppa : Yea?
Baekhyun oppa : Let's we going out this evening. Did we have time?
Chanyeol oppa : Hmmm.., Lemme ask Kris and Suho hyung. *calling up Suho and Kris oppa* 
Suho & Kriss oppa : Waeyo?
Chanyeol oppa : Baek wanna take we out this evening. Did we have any schedule today??
Suho oppa : I think... We don't.
Baekhyun oppa : Yes!

Im going out from bathroom.
Me : Hmmmm I heard somebody wanna take us go out this evening. That's true??
Luhan oppa : Huh!? Why I didn't know anything?
D.O oppa : yea even me too. Who's?
Me : I don't know. But I really hear somebody talk about it. Hmm anyway just forget it and my stomach is vibrating now. *enjoying the breakfast*
Kris oppa : *stomach ache* 
Lay oppa : Yaa! I've told you early. Just eat that chicken. See? You got stomach ache. 

#To be continued. I don't have enough time#