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Hello,welcome to my tumblr blog. I'm the owner of this site. Please be nice here. No harshwords. Im the big fans of korean pop boys group. Yeah. Hate me just because Im kpoppers? Hahaha hey! No one care about it and you can get lost from my site. We have our own idols and just mind your own business fucking haters!
People I love. Muhammad Danial Haikal. He's my bae. I love him so much. He's mine. Xiao Luhan. He's my husband. V @ Taehyung. My scandal. Joy & I rene my step-sisters. Tiffany my beloved sister. Danial is my body. EXO is my heart. BTS is my soul. Red Velvet is my ears. SNSD is my eyes.

Applause to.
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Eh hello readers :) Hmm I still sad about Kris leaving EXO :'( Hmmm what a miserable day :'( Hmm sokay.. Just forget about it. Im sure Kris will back to EXO. :) Just keep smile :) Here I wanna show you someone that I admire. He's from Philippine. His name is DANIEL Padilla. Hahahha I watched his movie "Must Be Love" Ahh kyaaa. His name same with my love, Danial :* Hahahahha. Okay just that. I've being crazy when I hear <OVERDOSE - EXO M &K>  song AHH kyaaa~! Tatata.

Daniel Padilla
Here is he Daniel Padilla. Omg his face similar with my Luhan ><

Ashi Kabayoti (QueenAshi) on Twitter
omg omg omg ><

Awwwwwww😘 why are they so cute and perfect 😍
J.E.A.L.O.U.S (T^T)