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Hello,welcome to my tumblr blog. I'm the owner of this site. Please be nice here. No harshwords. Im the big fans of korean pop boys group. Yeah. Hate me just because Im kpoppers? Hahaha hey! No one care about it and you can get lost from my site. We have our own idols and just mind your own business fucking haters!
People I love. Muhammad Danial Haikal. He's my bae. I love him so much. He's mine. Xiao Luhan. He's my husband. V @ Taehyung. My scandal. Joy & I rene my step-sisters. Tiffany my beloved sister. Danial is my body. EXO is my heart. BTS is my soul. Red Velvet is my ears. SNSD is my eyes.

Applause to.
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Haaa~ Back again!!!!!! Idk why now I would like to post soo many entry. Puahahhaa~! Yea. Hurmm I just feel guilty to EXO because I feel like I betray them with bias to BTS. Haaa mianhae T^T Hmm as I said.. Im easy fallin love with the cute things..., guys..., especially someone like V oppa. Gosh like seriously he's so fucking cute!!!! Idk why I suddenly fall kn love with BTS group. Btw I still fans of EXO. Im still EXO-L! Im Army too!! Im not leaving EXO yet. I still EXO stan. Just now Im more focused on BTS. Mianhae again oppas. >< I just can't stand with V oppa. He's too cute for me. Im melting with his cuteness. Gosh please. He too cute >< He drive me crazy! All members of BTS fucking cute!!! Jungkook also. His voice asdfghjkl cute omg omg. Jin voice also ahhhhhhh!!!! Hey Jin birthdate on 04 December. Heeee his birthday before mine. Im on 05 December. hee kyaaa!!! Rap Monster than have a dimple same like Lay oppa. Heee~~~ Suga face then same as Zelo B.A.P. Jimin then his face same like Yeosob BEAST. Haish. Why their face so similir with other boy groups?? V face same as Baekhyun. J-Hope then same face as Kris oppa. Jin then same like Daehyun B.A.P omona. Their face soooooo similar with other boy froups. T^T