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[FanFic] Nan Neol Saranghae Jagiya.

In the rainy day  V or Taehyung waiting someone at the bus stop. He's shivering. His wet hair nearly cover up his face. He's hug himself because the cold wind blow strongly. His blue thick sweater almost wet fully. 

"Where are you Jagiya?" He monologue. His eyes always looking for someone. Still nobody seems there. He's not giveup. He still waiting for someone he really want to meet even in the worse weather. V's phone is ringing. There's a girl name. He pick up the call. A minute then he hang up the call. His face look so disappointed. He walking home alone then without any transport with the worse condition.

At home, V take a bath. He wipe his wet hair with the towel and grab his phone while take a seat on the sofa. He recieve a message from his girlfriend.

"Yeobo... Mianhaeyo.. I can't meet you today because of raining. Again mianhae..!"
"Nae. Gwenchana. I still want to meet you jagiya. I miss you so much you know?"
"Mwo? Uppa... Im so touched to read that. Nan neol bogoshipeo yeobo Taehyungie. Take care of yourself uppa.. I can't visit you now. If have a time I'll come to your house. Take some hot chocolate to make you feel more comfortable. *love*"
"Omona.. You so spoiled. This make me more love you. Okay jagiya. Take care of yourself too. Love you."
"Love you too uppa..!"

V smile alone and locked his phone. He go to the kitchen and boiled water. 
"Yaa. Why you smile alone? It looks so weird!" greet Nam Joon suddenly who didn't know where he come from. V shocked with the greetings from Nam Joon. 

"Yaaah! You make me so shocked! Its nothing. Waeyo? Its fault if I smile alone?" V said to Nam Joon while his hand tear up side of the sachet of chocolate drinks and pour into the mug.
Nam Joon just smile and get a glass of orange juice. Nam Joon is V's housemate. Actually V's housemate have six peoples. Five left maybe have sleep early.

The water is already boiled up. V's then pour the boiled water into mug that he have pour a chocolate powder just now. "Okay. Im going to living room then! Good night Nam Joonie~" V then stir his drinks and go away from kitchen and going to living room. Nam Joon just smile while drink his juice.


In the early morning Jin serve some delicious breakfast for his housemates. The six of them did not wake up from bed yet. His hand so faster arrange the dishes on table. A minute then the dishes has serve. 

Jungkook then appear for sudden while rub his eyes. "Hey Kookie~ Come. Let's we have breakfast together! Go brush your teeth and please wash your face. Its have a lil bit of your saliva." greet Jin while laugh. Jungkook's eyes getting big when hear Jin said like that. He suddenly going to wash room and wash his face also brush his teeth quickly. He then joining Jin have a breakfast.

Little by little all the housemates joining them have a breakfast. They enjoy the meal made by Jin. Its delicious. All of them love Jin's cooking. One by one has finish the breakfast and wash the dishes.